View of the Kennels

Boarding Information


  • All indoor kennels are heated and air conditioned. We believe in fresh air for our K9 friends and offer as much outside time as possible. We take special consideration for extreme temperatures and your pet's size, breed and coat type.
  • All of our K9 guests enjoy outside time 3 to 4 times per day in their own individual, attached and covered 7 x 15 foot run.
  • While our guest is enjoying the outdoors and fresh air, their indoor pen is tidied; vaccumed; and cleaned; bedding is checked; and fresh water is given (fresh water is given outside as well between the months of March until October.)
  • We offer a separate section for small breed dogs.
  • All of our inside pens are solid walls with a gate front, for added privacy while eating and sleeping.
  • We offer double sized pens for our large breed K9 customers or 2/3 pets from the same family to stay together.
  • We encourage our K9 owners to bring things from home: bed/blankets, food, and any treats. (There is an additional charge for food if you do not bring your own.)
  • The K9 guest pens are fully sterilized between pets visits.


  • New EXTRA LARGE cat units.
  • Units are 4x3x4 — open units with levels of shelves — jungle gym like to play on. All connected with circular holes to naviage through shelves and walls.
  • Large glass windows for viewing.
  • Higher privacy shelves for the shyer kitties and for sleeping!
  • Kitties are cared for individually and have individual time outside of their unit every day for one on one attention, cuddling and exercise.
  • Our kitty clients' units are vaccumed and wiped out, as well as cleaned litter pans and fresh litter daily.
  • Our kitty clients are provided with fresh food and water twice per day.
  • We encourage kitty owners to bring their own food, treats, bed/blankets from home, as well any favorite toys. (There is an additional charge for food if you do not bring your own.)
  • We supply kitty litter plus pan and dishes. We are flexible, however, if you think your kitty prefers his/her own from home, you are welcome to bring that as well.
  • Kitty units are sterilized completely between pet visits.

(See Rates page for prices and packages.)

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Puppies / Kittens

We do take puppies and kittens in for boarding. Boarding your puppy or kitten at a young age is very good for them. You will have your pet for, hopefully, over 12 years, and unless you never plan to travel, it is important to get your pet accustomed to being away from you. Young animals are very resiliant and settle in very quickly.

Every pet owner should take this into consideration, as part of socializing their pet, it is way less stressful on the dog or cat if they are used to being boarded from a young age.

Other Small Animals

We also provide care for small pets, birds, bunnies etc. (See Rates page for prices and packages.)

Important Details

Past Health and Behaviour Problems

It is very important for us to be aware of any issues behavioural or health.

We are set up to be able to deal with dogs that have aggressive tendencies - towards other dogs or people. However, we must be made aware of this at the time of booking.

Vaccination Requirements

  • Vaccinations for Dogs: DHPP Plus Rabies
    We do NOT require Bordetella. Please call and ask for Charmaine with questions regarding why we do not require Bordetella. We also have a wonderful information sheet in our office with regards to Bordetella.
  • Vaccinations for Cats: FVRCP Plus Rabies

Proof of current vaccination in the form of a certificate, receipt from your veterinarian with an expiration date is due upon check-in.

Emergency Contact

We require an emergency contact name and number for your pet while it is in our care.


We will administer any medication at no extra charge.


We encourage all pet owners to bring their own food for their animal's stay. As well your own scoop — we use a standard measuring cup.

We have a fridge and freezer to accommodate any special diet requirements.

If you do not bring your own pet's food, there is an additional charge. (See Rates page for prices.)


You are welcome to bring treats from home that your pet is used to, we love to give treats!

We offer a select few Healthy Raw Treats—large/small beef knuckle bones, large smoked pig ears, pumpkin puree on a biscuit, and for our Kittie customers: one tablespoon of tuna or salmon.(Call for prices.)

Bedding and Bowls

We encourage pet owners to bring bed/blanket from home. The scent from home will help your pet settle into our environment. (We always have extra if you forget.)

We have many stainless steel bowls and buckets. However, if you think your pet wants his/her own, feel free to bring them as well.


We do all our playtimes/walks on our own flexi-retractable leash and chain collar. We have had nylon collars break! You are welcome to bring your gentle leader from home for playtimes if you wish.

You are also welcome to bring toys from home; however, we are not responsible for them if they get lost.

All dogs must be on a leash on kennel property. We would be glad to put your name on your kitty carrier and store it for you until you return.


We provide professional bathing, nail clipping, and full grooming for your pet while they stay. You may also schedule an appointment just for the day. (See Rates page for prices.)


Playtime is an excellent way to make your pets feel at home faster.

Bring along your pets favourite toy and we will play with them: frisbee, ball, stick, chuckit for the K9's or feather sticks, toy mouse, foil balls for kittie friends.

Some animals are less energetic and just enjoy an individual snuggle. (See Rates page for prices.)

Please note all extra playtimes are given providing your pet is friendly!

We recommend one or two of these throughout a stay for our new boarding guests. If it is their first time with us, this definitely helps them feel at home and more comfortable with us faster.


With over 20 years of training experience, we offer fun, motivational training methods for you and your pooch.

Private lessons, problem solving, and in-board training. Call and ask for Charmaine for rates or any training questions.

Training should be fun and rewarding for you and your dog.


  • Please bring your K9 into our facility on a leash. We do not need to keep your leash, they will be sent home with you after you have checked in.
  • Your bill must be paid in full at the time of departure.
  • We accept Cheques upon drop-off or Cash upon pick-up of your pet.
  • If you plan to pick-up your pet earlier than previously scheduled, we need to know so we may bath your pet if needed and ensure they are dry (especially in the winter months, we do not want them getting chilled.) As well as a later departure, we do like to do the baths the day they go home, and if you need to reschedule your pet's pick-up, we can schedule their bath accordingly.

Other Information

  • How am I charged for my pets stay? — The day your pet arrives is day one, regardless of the tiime your pet arrives. On the day of pick-up you must be checked out by 11am before being charged another full day.
  • Discounts/Extras: We offer discounts/extras for long term stays over 1 month, or more than 3 animals at one time, please call for a quote.
  • Other Questions: Any other questions concerning your pet or a stay with us, please call (905)648-6955.