• Hips/Elbows Certified

Java comes from 20 years of our breeding — We have produced her mother,
grand-mother as well as her grand-pa and his mother. — Every great dog we have
ever owned is in her.

She has amazing bone structure, and rich pigment. With her wonderful, sweet
temperament, she has great trainablility/workablility and loves to please.

She is usually found hanging out on the deck, where she can watch over the place. She also loves to be in the barn with us, when we are with the horses; and she always enjoys one on one snuggles with the children.

Java is a wonderful mother and passes all of her fine qualities to her offspring. We are planning a litter or two with Java and Xarto in the next years and we are confident that their pups will be spectacular.

We are very excited to be introducing two of her daughters into our breeding program, Rita and Karma, Fall of 2012 and Spring of 2013