Tycho is incredible

This is the best dog I’ve ever seen. He is SO smart and is learning SO easily...
We walked him off leash today, and he comes every time we call him!
Knows his name (of course)
And he’s really amazing at playing with other dogs. My friend has a cockatoo and they play well. But Tycho started to put the cockapoos entire head in his mouth, and I thought it was ok, but then I decided it was not ok and yelled at him “no” and he hasn’t done it since. He’s amazing.

Thank you so much, this dog is going to live an incredible life with us. We’re so happy we got him! You’re very good at what you do. You breed incredible dogs.


We love our baby Kratos so much! He’s such a handsome pup with an amazing personality. He’s growing so beautifully into a big and strong dog. He’s so loyal, loving, friendly but still very protective and such a quick learner; he’s also a big baby who cries even just before a nap, it’s precious.

We get so many compliments on him out and about. Everyone’s in love when they meet him. He’s been extremely friendly and playful with any dog he meets. We’re so excited to keep watching him grow and keep working on his training.

Hi Charmaine,

I hope you and your family are all well... I have attached another picture of Dev and Taz, that Trevor took in our shop yesterday. The 2 of them often pose perfectly for us, like book ends lol-not sure if this is instinctive or what but they are quite a pair.

Dev continues to be the most beautiful little lady; she is always even-tempered and friendly, very quiet (except for the occasional single bark, which always surprises us), and she is super gentle. having a female after all the males has given us a different perspective and I think going forward, we will probably look at both options for sure when choosing a new puppy!

Take care,
Lisa Weigel


"OMG — What an amazing pup and fantastic temperament. He is doing way better than I ever would of imagined this soon — his new brother loves him and vice versa and he is stuck to me like glue. Listening beautifully."


Riley & Ellie "Glen Saxon's Corso's are the Lay's of Potato Chips... you just can't have one!"

"We love our girls Riley & Ellie, they are the best dogs we have ever had".


Hi Charmaine.
Words cannot express how happy and elated I am. It is so surreal to have this little life in the house and I don't think it has sunk in yet. She is absolutely perfect. She always wants to be with me. Gets upset if I am in the bathroom. Follows me everywhere. We can't get over her appetite as she enjoyed her dinners. It's like I'm here Ma now and this is her new home. We are bonding beyond belief.

Thanks for everything.



Hello Charmaine,

Just wanted to say that we couldn't be happier with Zeus. He absolutely loves everyone he meets, especially children. He has a great temperament and has been very loyal with our family. I think he forgets he's a large dog when he climbs on our lap for a snuggle. LOL. Zeus looks a lot like his dad Jaeger with his beautiful markings and color.

You have been very helpful and we would recommend you for a breeder, boarding kennel and for the raw food which Zeus loves.

Thank you
Keri and Jason


Hi Rick,
Just wanted to let you know that our experience today was wonderful!
Your wife was amazing and so helpful. Luna is fitting in just Perfect, we are all in Love with her.


Zedd is loyal, intelligent, and loving. He is always ready for adventure while being a quiet, low-key guy.
He has lots of friends. Zedd is a willing partner in obedience classes and loves his scent training work.



Hello Charmaine

It has been many years since we spoke I purchased Levi from you in 2005 he is still with me and has and continues to be the greatest German Shepherd I have owned but my boy is getting up there ........ here is a pic of him now he still looks great even in his senior years ..........although I do more tracking and competition now than show but Levi has always excelled at anything along with being a gentle giant he still at his age stops people in their tracks when they see him and they say oh my god he is beautiful ...he has been my soul mate now for almost ten years :)


Hi again Charmaine

Here are some photos of Caven. The photos show just what a loving, protective member of the family these dogs really are! Couldn't have asked for a better dog!:).

Thanks again and see you in the future,
Larry and Family


Hello Charmaine;

I figured that it's about time that you saw what a handsome fellow our little Loki has turned out to be. He's just a fun, entertaining, and smart guy, who's as loving as all get-out. He makes friends where-ever he goes. Even the vet and techs are amazed how patient and easy to handle he is. No whining, no crying, no fussing at all.

We can't thank you enough.


Faith is doing really great. She is a kind and gentle girl. People are wowed by how calm and steady she is. I just love my baby Faith !!


Hi Charmaine,

I wanted to send you a quick update on Duke and Minnie. Both of them are doing great. They are both the best dogs we ever could have asked for and they have become best of friends. Everywhere we go we get stopped by people wanting to pet them.

We are currently packing up and moving to a new home which we made sure has a huge backyard for the two of them.

Thanks again for the additions to our family.

Chris & Sarah

Duke and Minnie



Zora is doing great!

We're so pleased with her progress.

She is full of energy and loves playing out back in snow !!

Zora absolutely loves playing with other puppies. And she loves her RAW food :)


Hope you are having a great summer. Just wanted to send you a couple pics. Holly is doing great. She is a big fan of camping!! We get tons of compliments on how gorgeous she is. We got her spayed about a month ago and she did great....no issues at all.

Kids love her and she is great with them. Her and nicholas (our little one you met) are especially close.

Thanks for breeding dogs with such great temperament!!



Zora was truly the perfect dog. She had an amazing temper, great obedience (we didn't even have to train her through an obedience class), we could leave her on our front lawn and she would never step a paw off of our yard. She loved with all her heart, and we loved her more than words could ever say. She was an amazing part of our family. We always got complimented on her beautiful long coat and colouring. She would lay on her dog bed with my 5-year-old son and they would cuddle for hours. We miss her terribly. But, we owe our good times and the best dog we could ever imagine to A. Glen Saxon Kennels!!

Thank you,
The Applebys


Thanks so much. Simba is a wonderful dog with a great temperment. He has adjusted well and loves everyone. He is a lab in disguise.

He is a celebrity at the park, everyone just loves his Gentle nature, and fine looks !



Well he's 15 months old and doing great. So lovable. I must've have given out your name 10 dozens times. We can't walk 5 mins without people stopping us to tell us how beautiful he is. Oh, I had him weighed last week. 91 lbs




Hi Charmaine:

Hope all is well with you and your family. I have been meaning to send these pictures to you for AGES!

Ever since our last conversation I have seen MUCH improvement with Blitz. He is going to be 5 months this week and he has come a LONG way!

He now knows and responds to the following commands: sit, stay, look, down, come, fetch ( my favorite game with him chasing and returning tennis balls) and no bite. He is learning to walk like a gentleman on a leash, learning to heel, most of the time. We are still working on this as he likes to pull once he gets thirsty and knows he is close to home. I am really enjoying him. I saw a major shift after our last conversation when you gave me 2 important tips.

Blitz LOVES to lick us and is really growing to be wonderful part of the family. As you can see from the pics, he is still in a fenced in area of the kitchen unless we have him leashed.

I hope you enjoy the pics and we will send some more later. Thanks for being "more than a breeder" for us.

Blizzard family

Thank you again for this wonderful boy. He is tre' special. I have trained a few dogs. This guy is all about it, there should be more.

Thank you again; you know your stuff! He is a credit to your program. AGAIN. Thank you all.

Rayne and Neil
Rayne (4 months old) chilling with his best friend Neil.

Hi Charmaine,

Just wanted to send some pictures taken since we brought Azia home 24 hours ago. We are absolutely in love and she is fitting into the family perfectly. You were right, she is so sweet and loving.

Thanks again for everything and all your help bringing us together......she is just what we needed to complete our family.

We hope to keep in touch and will send pictures when possible.

Have a great weekend and THANKS A MILLION :-))

Deb, Matt, Taylor and Tarryn



Hi Charmaine

We graduated on Monday from Grade 1 with 6 excellent and 2 good
(good = Mama made a bubu). In 3 weeks we start Grade 2.

Nakina is doing wonderful. She is almost as tall as her big sister Lakota. They get along great. She also plays very nice and gentle with our two cats. She is so well behaved.

As you can see from the graduation picture, she is a real beauty and so wonderfully natured.

She was loved by the teachers and her fellow students. Hope we do well again in Grade 2. I'll keep you updated.

- Love proud Mama Evelyne and smart and beautiful Nakina

Nakina - 4 months old
Nakina 4 month old


She got all her shots now and we took her to visit our friends. Nakina is a very happy puppy and growing like a weed. Right now we call her "Big Ears!"

She is so well behaved and loved by everybody.

- This comes from proud Mom Evelyne
and the whole gang



"Simba (Jan 2000 - September 2012) was a member of our family. So much love in one dog had to be experienced to be believed. Charmaine assured us he would be gentle, calm and good natured. He was all that and much, much more. He was an amazing dog. He was never sick until the day before he passed away. Even then he wanted to be with us. Charmaine knows her German Shepherds. This side of Shepherd Heaven she is the best. When we are ready, with Charmaine’s help, we will bring one of Simba's descendents into the family. Life is too short, life is precious and our lives are richer for having had Simba in our family. May you too experience the joy of the love and companionship of a German Shepherd from Glen Saxon Kennels."

- The Butler Family; Niagara, Ontario


Hi Charmaine,

Well we have decided to call him "Vader" .... kind of suits him and of course the boys love it!

He is just incredible, truly an outstanding dog!

Vader has bonded with all of us equally and, much like the other female I met at the ballgame a couple of weeks ago from you, he only cares and is concerned about us, his family.

We took him to baseball last night he is doing so good on the lead and he sat there watching the boys and sitting at our feet for the whole game. Everyone commented on him and they thought he was so calm and well behaved for a puppy we must have drugged him or something. He had people all over him and he just sat there - some called him aloof, lol. The surprising thing happend at the end, Troy came over to him and Vader got up, ran to him wagging his tail, and another dog came close to Troy and Vader stepped up barking and ran between Troy and the dog backing off the other dog. We were stunned but then this is the kind of thing I have heard about the GSD.

We all love him to bits as do the other dogs and even the cat loves him now after not being too sure the first day, lol. We already cannot imagine life without him and he is already training for his barn work.

Thanks for breeding such a beautiful amazing boy for us!

Attached some pics of Vader and Troy, see the smile!





Dex lives with a family of four, in Ancaster, Ontario.

"We always get complimented on how great looking he is!!!"

June 6, 2012

To whom it may concern:

We are thrilled to provide a testimonial for the Collins family and A. Glen Saxon Kennels in Ancaster.

We purchased our first German Shepherd dog "Kane" in 1998. We had a wonderful 13 years with Kane who passed away in June 2011 and is missed greatly every day. We purchased "Moses" in August 2010 and brought him home to be loved and spoiled. Our Kane was his mentor for 10 months and Moses learned a lot from Kane. As you can see from the attached photos, they were best buddies.


Charmaine Collins is an expert with animals and particularly with German Shepherds. Her many years of breeding and owning a busy kennel has provided her with the background and experience needed to be successful. She breeds only excellent dogs with the right temperament and physical qualities. She guarantees her pups with a written guarantee and will work with owner's to overcome any training issues should the need arise.

We highly recommend the Collins family and A. Glen Saxon Kennels for anyone who is looking to own a quality German Shepherd dog. We also highly recommend the kennels because our "Moses" is a frequent patron when we travel and sometimes he visits for an overnight stay with a bath.

Should you wish to have more information regarding our very positive experiences with Charmaine Collins and A. Glen Saxon Kennels in Ancaster, we would be pleased to be contacted at the number below.

Susen & Wayne Anderson
Selkirk, Ontario


Jordie, our German Shepherd, became a member of our family in March 2011. For many years, our kids Daniel and Emma, lobbied for a dog. And not just any dog, our son was adamant that it had to be a German Shepherd.

Dog ownership was new to all of us and if we were going to have a large breed dog we were anxious to know that he or she came from a reputable breeder who could stand by the temperament of the dog. When we met Charmaine and she introduced us to Jordie's relatives, we were immediately taken by the wonderful temperament of her dogs.

When we picked Jordie up to take her home, Charmaine answered all of our questions, placed Jordie in our arms and exclaimed, "You are going to have so much fun!" And we have. Jordie has a nurturing, calm, protective temperament.


She is fully integrated into all aspects of our life from going to the cottage, to hanging out at the baseball diamond for the kids' games. She is regularly complimented on her temperament, friendliness and appearance.

We highly recommend contacting Rick and Charmaine for anyone who is interested in a GSD, newbie owners and experienced dog people alike!

The Giordano Family
Ancaster, Ontario


A. Glen Saxon Kennels breed incredible German Shepherds!!

Lucy became part of our family in 2003. Lucy has brought oceans of love and happiness to our family. Her gentle disposition, intelligence, beauty and obedience is a testament to the quality breeding at A. Glen Saxon Kennels. Lucy helped to raise our three boys, often cuddling with them in bed as part of the night-time ritual. She even enjoyed a few bubble baths with our youngest son!

We highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a high quality German Shepherd. You will look like the perfect trainer at Dog School!!

Thanks again Charmaine and Rick. We couldn't imagine our family without our Lucy!

Alison and Robert

Lucy Update:

Anyone looking for a family member not a dog, but a loving, devoted, highly intelligent and protective family addition... need to visit: A. Glen Saxon Kennels. Lucy turns 11 this spring, and has been the best GSD we have ever had!!! Charmaine breeds exceptional dogs with Love and Integrity. No need to Look elsewhere!!

Alison Lake