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Meet our Dogs

Breeders of Top Quality German Shepherd Dogs.


We have been breeding German Shepherds since 1989 and are on our 5th generation of breeding. Our dogs have exceptional temperaments and will excel in any environment.

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In Memoriam

Our Dogs


Words cannot even discribe how much of an awsome boy Xarto was. Many who met him knew what a special guy he was. Besides being a spectacular show boy, and an incredible working dog, he was a wonderful family friend with a larger than life royal personality. The best example of what every GREAT GSD should be.

Even though he was only with us a few short years he gave us so much and was very special to our family. We won't be sad. We will be happy to have had him in our lives.

Xarto lives on in the wonderful children we have from him: Opie, Galaxy, and Breeze.

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About the Breed

The German Shepherd Dog is well known for his intelligence, trainability, devotion and loyalty. One of the most versatile breeds — They are working dogs of choice!!

With a distinct personality that is keen, intelligent and composed, the German Shepherd Dog is mid-size giving an impression of strength, agility and balance. They should be fit, well muscled, athletic and alert with a distinct difference between males and females. The ideal height at the shoulder is 25 inches for a male and 23 inches for a female, with average weight for a male from 75-85 lbs and a female from 60-70 lbs. The coat comes in a wide range of colours but should always be rich in appearance and never look washed out.

The German Shepherd Dog was bred as a working animal and is happiest when having a job to do. It is also very rewarding as the owner to bring a dog up to its full potential.

Our Breeding Program

We only have one or two litters per year so early reservation is recommended. On occasion, older pups or young adults are available, and we also offer importing from top quality kennels in Europe.

All of our dogs are very social and loving creatures.

Our dogs are bred to standard size and are black & red, solid black, black & tan and, occasionally, sable.

We stand behind our dogs 100%. Our dogs are now five generations of our breeding. We know exactly what to expect for temperament, health and workability, and are able to sell them with guarantees.